Keep Bow Mar Safe and Help Prevent Vehicle Theft.  See 10 Tips to Avoid Car Theft



Bowles Lake

Welcome to the Town of Bow Mar, Colorado!

Incorporated in 1958, the Town of Bow Mar is a Colorado statutory town.  Located 12 miles southwest of downtown Denver, the Town of Bow Mar occupies an area of 520 acres including 96 acres of water in both Arapahoe and Jefferson counties.  Bow Mar is comprised of approximately 300 single-family homes on one acre lots with a population of just under 900 people and is bordered by the cities of Littleton and Denver.

The name Bow Mar is derived from combining the names of two nearby lakes, Bowles Lake and Marston Reservoir.  Lloyd King, the original developer of Bow Mar, talks about the early Bow Mar in the attached speech. Many of the original one story homes in Bow Mar were designed along the lines of Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie-style architecture. Bow Mar is a friendly, and family-oriented community in a quiet, country setting with open space, expansive views, and a private lake.  The community offers year-round recreational opportunities, social activities and clubs.

Town of Bow Mar - Focus on Safety

Easy things to do prevent crime on your property, to protect neighbors and Bow Mar:

  1. Lock doors
  2. Remove personal belongings from your car
  3. Get a locking mailbox
  4. Post no solicitation / private property signs

The best way to deter crime is to make sure would-be thieves are not successful in Bow Mar – so securing your personal property keeps our Town safe.

When calling 911:

  1. If you have a land line, use your land line to call 9-1-1. These numbers in Bow Mar have been programmed to route to the right emergency dispatch.
  2. If you use your cell phone to call 9-1-1, your call will be sent to the closest dispatch center. ALWAYS ask for Arapahoe County Dispatch, then request Columbine Valley Police. When you call 9-1-1-, it is most likely there will be a recording. Listen to the options!!
  3. Register for notifications by registering your cell number to your house through
    Arapahoe County: ArapAlert -
  4. Sign up for notifications alerts from CV Police on the Neighbors app. This is a Ring app; however, you can apply even though you don’t have a Ring camera. This is the quickest and most efficient way to get real-time crime and safety alerts on your phone and assist the police with finding a criminal using your video.
  5. How to call for help in Mary’s Meadow:
    The address for Mary’s Meadow is Marston Reservoir, 6100 W. Quincy Avenue. Please provide this address when reporting an incident to CV Police.
  6. House Watch:
    Did you know you can alert the CV Police that you are out of Town? Use this link
2023 Roadway Improvement Project

Jniper street will be repaved September 11 to September 19. See the details in the attached Roadway Improvement Project.

Living With Bears - Be Bear Aware

Colorado is home to many wildlife species, including bears. In the Fall of 2022, one or more bears were seen in the Town of Bow Mar.  Please review the following documents to be bear aware: Be Bear Smart, Bear Proof Your Home, Bear Proof Your Trash, Use Bear Deterrents.


Mailing Address:
c/o CRS of Colorado
7995 E. Prentice Avenue, Suite 103E
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Phone: 303-381-4960
Fax: 303-381-4961
EMERGENCY: 303-381-4960
Sue Blair
Town Clerk
Direct Line: 303-381-4977

Bulletin Board

NOTICE: September 18, 2023 at 7:00PM: Board of Trustees Regular Meeting. See attached Agenda.

NOTICE: Emerald Ash Borer spreading in the Denver Area - See attached EMERALD ASH BORER Q+A.

NOTICE: April 20, 2020: Declaration of Policy for Electronic Participation in Town Meetings.