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Revenue & Expenses

Residents receive services from three separately funded independent and cooperative entities:

  • Town of Bow Mar - email
  • Bow Mar Water & Sanitation District - (303) 795-2142
  • Bow Mar Owners, Inc. (BMOI) - email

Property taxes paid to Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties are distributed to support the government of the Town of Bow Mar. BMOI is funded through dues paid by residents directly to the organization.

The Town of Bow Mar receives about one-eighth of the property taxes collected by the respective counties.

Property Taxes
Resolution-2020-R-16 Levying Property Taxes for 2021.

The Town of Bow Mar's annual financial statements are audited each year by an independent auditor as required by Colorado law. The completed audit is filed each year with the Office of the State Auditor. The lastseveral years\' of audited financial statements are available for review below: