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Building Procedures

The process for Design Review and Permits is outlined below. This is a 2-step process for which the Design Review Board (DRB) is first and the building permit is second.

Step 1 — Design Review Board Review

Approval is required from the Design Review Board to move forward with a building permit.

The DRB reviews each project for aesthetic harmony, exterior materials and colors, and evaluates conformance to setback, height, and lot coverage. Due to varying site characteristics, each Application is reviewed solely on its own merit, independent from prior submittals. In cases where a variance is sought, the DRB may take recommendations to the Town of Bow Mar Board of Adjustment regarding any aesthetic harmony justification for additional details.

Applications Documents Required
  1. Application
    Applications forms and Application Information are available on the Design Review Application page as well as from the Town via
  2. Plot Plan Drawing
  3. Floor Plan(s) Drawings
  4. Roof Plan Drawing
  5. Exterior Elevation Drawings
  6. Exterior Color(s) descriptions or samples

Step 2 – Building Permit

Step 2 is the issuance of the appropriate building permit by the Town. It is important to note that the day-to-day administration of the Town of Bow Mar Building Department is handled by the office at Columbine Valley Town Hall: All Building Plans, Building Permits, and contractor licensing will be administered through this office. Please visit the Build Permits page for detailed information.

Licenses and Permits Required

A Contractor License as well as the necessary permit must be obtained by each contractor working in the Town of Bow Mar.

See additional details about permits and fees on the tabs under Buildings > Permits.

Required Documentation

  1. Two (2) sets of Construction Drawings including;
    • Landscape/Civil drawings
    • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing drawings
    • Structural drawings, that latter stamped by a professional engineer with current State of Colorado license.
  2. Soils test report.
  3. Asbestos report, if applicable
  4. A check for the permit made payable to “Town of Bow Mar.” This check needs to be submitted with the 2 sets of construction plans (24"x36"). Contact the Building Department who will determine the amount of the permit check, which will be based on the value of the project.

Important Notes:

Periodic Inspections are made by the Building Inspector during construction to assure compliance both with DRB approved plans and with applicable building codes and Town of Bow Mar ordinances.

One set of plans for each ongoing project will be retained at the Bow Mar Building Department office.

For questions, please contact:

For general project questions contact:
Bonnie Zapata-Diaz
Building Department Coordinator
Phone: 303-795-1434

For project specific questions, call:
Terry Weis, Bow Mar Building Inspector
Phone: 303-522-3331
Terry Weis reviews all plans and conducts all inspections.
Bow Mar Building Department Office:
2 Middlefield Road
Columbine Valley, CO 80123
Phone: 303-795-2063

Other questions, please email

Building Permits are valid for 360 days.

If construction is not complete within this period,

the Building Commissioner may assess monetary penalties.