Building Permits

Building Permits are required on interior and exterior work on your property. Reviewing the Design Guidelines and the Town Code is essential in undersatnding the regulations for permits. This is Step 2 outlined on the Building Procedures page.

Please submit your permit application to the Building Department directly, as this is handled by Columbine Valley.

2 Middlefield Road
Columbine Valley, CO 80123
Phone: 303-795-2063
Hours: 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday

Licenses and Permits Required

Please Note:

No changes shall be made from that which is stated in any permit application, or in attached plans and specifications except by submitting a revised application, plans and/or specifications and receiving approval from Bow Mar staff for such change.

Granting of a permit shall not be construed as a permit for or an approval of any violation of Bow Mar Municipal code or any other state or local law regulating construction or the performance of construction.

The permit holder understands that the permit application does not grant any right or privilege to erect any structure or to use any premises herein described for any purpose or in any manner prohibited by Bow Mar Municipal Code.

Special conditions and/or provisions stated on the issued building permit(s) supercede any other information provided by the applicant, including information provided on the plans.

The permit holder understands that this permit application does not constitute the right to begin construction prior to approval of the permit, final issuance and payment being received.

All insurance needs to reflect both Town of Bow Mar and Columbine Valley as additional insured parties.

Building Permits are needed for all new interior and exterior construction and remodels. Permits are also required for most improvement and repair work you want for your home.

Examples include:

  • air conditioner
  • deck
  • evaporative cooler
  • fence
  • furnace replacement
  • garden shed
  • gas log or fireplace insert
  • hot tub
  • kitchen cabinets
  • kitchen countertops
  • outdoor gas-fired pit or chiminea
  • outdoor permanent gas grill
  • plumbing replacement - concealed trap, drainpipe, water, soil, or waste vent pipe
  • roof replacement
  • sauna
  • stucco application
  • swimming pool
  • water heater replacement

Repair and maintenance work exempt from permit include:

  • minor electrical repair and maintenance
  • movable cases, counter, and partitions not over 5 ft high
  • painting, papering, and similar work
  • plumbing repairs to existing drains and pipes (permit required when traps, drains,and pipes must be replaced)
  • portable mechanicals such as portable heating, ventilation, and cooling appliances
  • some window awnings supported by an exterior wall

If you have questions about a home-improvement project please contact:
Jane Carlson, Building Commissioner
Phone: 303-795-2002