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Sample List of Cost

Sample Documentation Required for Schedule of Values

Bow Mar Building Permit Application

Bow Mar’s Building Permit Application requires the applicant to state the total project valuation including all labor and material for the building and mechanical, plumbing, electrical, gas piping and all other permanent systems as well as the profit and commissions to complete the work for which the building permit applies.


A complete line item schedule is required for all new construction, scrapes and re-builds, additions and major remodels which exceed $50,000 in Project Valuation. The initial fee for the building permit will be based on these values. These stated values are subject to independent review at any time and any additional building permit fees as a result of increased values must be paid before issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. Per Bow Mar Ordinance 18-5(b) the cost of the independent review shall be added to the permit fee and shall be paid by the applicant.

See the attached Sample Schedule of Values.