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Traffic Mitigation

Traffic studies have been a topic of conversation in the Town of Bow Mar for many years. Multiple studies have been done and traffic in the neighborhood has often been a topic of conversation. In 2010-2011 a professional assessment of the roadways in the Town was conducted and in 2013 the 2013 Road Study was performed.

The 2018/2019 Traffic Management Study is an attempt to finalize the discussion, and this page shares information about these efforts.

Following a July 11, 2018 Town Meeting focusing on the town's Traffic problems, the Town of Bow Mar hired Evans & Associates to conduct a traffic study. Initial results of the study were presented at a Town meeting held July 11, 2019. At this meeting Evans & Associates laid out a number of options to addressing the continuing traffic problems. The options were discussed and elaborated at Town meetings and a public survey was taken in September 2019. Based on the results of this survey and inputs from the Town of Bow Mar Trustees, Evans & Associates developed the November 2019 Final Traffic Study Report attached below.

The attached Traffic Study Summary Report produced by Bow Mar Trustees provides a history of activities and results of the traffic studies, public discussions and surveys.

The following documents includes traffic study reports, presentations and minutes of meetings:

  • Legal Summary Regarding Gates Installation, September 21, 2020. To review the Presentation, click here.
  • Legal Summary Regarding Legality of Gate Installation. To review the presentation, click here.
  • Evans & Associates Final Traffic Study Report, November 2019. To review the presentation, click here.
  • Citizen Opinion Survey Result, September 2019. To review the result, click here.
  • Evans & Associates Presentation, July 11, 2019. To review the presentation, click here.
  • Special Meeting to Review the Traffic Issues, July 11, 2018. To review the minutes of the meeting, click here
  • December 2014 Road Survey Report. To review the report, click here.
  • Safe Walk to School, the Berry Curve Sidewalk Plan, November 2019. To review plan maps, click here.